Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cross Stitch Collection, Garden Party SAL update

Stitch along button
I haven't gotten as much done on Garden Party for the Cross Stitch Collection SAL as I wanted.  I've had a Love Quilts deadline to meet and I've been stitching for that like mad for the past couple of weeks.  I do have - at least - a start on Garden Party though.
Can you tell that is a dress coming together?  The brighter pink section on the right is a purse.  I really hope to get a lot more done in February.  I haven't started my smalls yet (sadness) but I will get those started too because I *really* want them for Christmas this year. 
My Love Quilts square really took center stage recently so I could meet the deadline.  But now that's done and I'll pour much more time and energy in the Garden Party SAL.
(My Love Quilts Square)