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I started cross stitching when I was just 9 years old.  My mom was an avid hand quilter (she thought using machines was "cheating.") But I never caught the quilting bug.  Still haven't ~ although I do admire their work ~ hand and machine quilting alike.  So I was, for the most part, on my own in learning to cross stitch.  But I caught the bug easily and it is something that I came back to time and again growing up, even through my teenage years.
I got married, had children, life was busy.  But I still continued to stitch.  Then in 2012 something happened that changed the course of my stitching life forever.  I knew of some ladies who were making quilts and crocheted blankets for different charities.  "Could I find something like that for cross stitching?" I wondered.  So I searched and found what I was looking for.  Cross stitching for charity.  I made a square for Love Quilts and then moved on to stitching squares for the Sandy Hook Memorial Quilts. 
It was during this time that several of my crafty friends found out what I was doing and told me that they would love to do something like that too.  But, they simply didn't have time to devote to quilt block sized squares.  Or they didn't cross stitch but did embroidery or knitting or crochet.  They wanted to help and would be willing to devote some of their time to charity stitching, but frankly, they needed it to be small items or they would feel bogged down or overwhelmed by deadlines.
So the wheels started turning in my head.  Wouldn't it be great to start a stitching charity that not only concentrated on smaller items but also encompassed cross stitching, embroidery, knitting and crochet all together?  Could I actually do that?  What would the "small items" be?  Also, who in the world would we give them to?  So I thought and I pondered and I prayed.  Rinse and repeat - many times.
After much thought I decided that to best incorporate all four types of stitching into small items, the most practical things would be wash cloths that have been crocheted or knitted and kitchen or bathroom hand towels that have been embroidered or cross stitched.
Lovely.  That gave me the, "what" but now what about the, "who?"  I could easily think of places to send larger items like quilts or blankets.  But who in the world would need wash cloths and hand towels?  So I went back the drawing board of thinking and pondering.  I brain stormed with my nearest and dearest.  Finally a dear, sweet friend of mine told me that she thought Ronald McDonald houses would appreciate those types of items.  I took that idea, ran with it....and things just started falling into place.
So now I knew what we were making and I had a jumping off place to start as far as places to accept our donations, but what would I call this group?  The answer was given to me one day at church during a Sunday school class.  The teacher was talking about Dorcas in Acts chapter 9.  I have always felt a bit of a kinship to Dorcas, spending life with needle and thread in hand.  The final piece of my puzzle had come together.  I knew that Dorcas would be the namesake of my group.
The Legacy of Dorcas Stitching Charity was born.  So if you cross stitch, do embroidery, crochet or knit and would like to share of your time and talents ~ please feel free to join us.  We will have project available all across the calendar.  Over time the kinds of items we stitch have expanded, as have the venues we help.  We have stitched the washcloths and kitchen towels but also lap blankets, placemats, coasters, pillowcases, Christmas items and done framed cross stitch pictures.  Baby items for hospital nurseries that serve an indigent population. We have given to the Ronald McDonald House, a Habitat for Humanity family and a project for a domestic violence shelter. Hospital nurseries, animal shelters and half way houses.   
Never forget that every person's efforts count and every thread tells a story.
This is a #flosstube video I did about the charity.  At the point when I made this video, our group only had a few members with just a handful of repeat stitchers.  We now number over 40 members with many of them committed to repeat stitching for our projects.  I'm so thankful for each and every one of them!  But we always need new members.  The more people we have in the group, the more projects we can do to help others and the easier it is for repeat stitchers to take a break from projects when they want or need to.  There is always a need for new people in the group.  So if you have a heart for charity stitching and want to give a small portion of your time and talent to others, please join us!

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