Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Legacy of Dorcas Stitching Charity update ~ with pics ~

My stitching charity finished our last project for a Habitat for Humanity family.  The ladies really did a good job and we had a lovely box to send out to them.  Here are pictures of what we sent.
In this picture you can see the eagle I did and had framed.  (The husband/father of the family we sent to is a veteran.)  Down the left side are several embroidered kitchen towels and in the middle are pillowcases ~ these were all done by the same person in our group.  On the right side going down, you can see a set of coasters done by someone else, also in a patriotic theme.
You can't tell it in this picture but those pretty blue items are an entire set of placemats done by one of our members.  They were so pretty.  Then someone else did the lovely berry colored washcloths and another stitcher did the eagle and red, white and blue themed kitchen towel.  Under that is the last pillowcase that went with the set in the picture above.
So as you can see, these ladies really came through and used their talents to create a lovely box for the family.  I'm so happy that our charity is doing so well and that I have stitchers who do such wonderful and dedicated work.
Our current project is set up to be sent out in early November.  We are helping out a domestic violence shelter.  Some of the ladies wanted to do Christmas themed items and it just so happened that those kinds of items will work with this project.  So some are doing Christmas things and others are doing more generic ~ it's stitcher's choice.  I have a lot of new members who seem to really have hit the ground running and that makes me so happy.  This may end up being the biggest project we have done to date.  I am so thankful to each and every stitcher who helps out.
The charity will take a break through December and we will regroup in January.  I'm hoping to have a project lined up for a hospital nursery.
Keep those needles flying everyone ~ every thread tells a story!

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