Saturday, October 1, 2016

A lil' update

Nothing huge to share but a bit of WIP progress.  I have gotten a bit more done on the dragon's tail.  Although I did have to stop the last time I worked on it.  I got my thread tangled three times in a row on the back, having to frog it out each time.  At that point, I figured it just wasn't the project to work on in that moment.  This is stitched with three threads.  So even with using Thread Heaven, I have to be careful about tangles.

When I got flustered with the dragon, I wanted something easy to stitch on.  So I decided to pull out my current pillowcase pair that I've slowly been working on, off and on for most of this year.  I always like to get one new pillowcase pair stitched per year.  This is a vintage pair I found on Ebay last year.  I've really been enjoying working on these the past few nights.  They are both the same, so I'll just show one.  I'm at the same spot progress wise on both.

Earlier in the week, I worked some more on the 1 over 1 skin on my Mira.  She now has hands and a start on her decollete area.  Very slow going on this, but I can't wait to get her face done.

And I also finished the stitching on the pumpkin biscornu.  I need another piece of this fabric to stitch the needlebook.

I might see about going back to the dragon tonight to see if we can make nice with each other again, lol.


  1. Your projects are coming along nicely. :)

  2. Beautiful work! Understand the not wishing to work on a project due to frustration.

  3. Love the orange fabric. Nice work!