Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lots of dolls and cross stitching at Loretta Lynn's ranch

My husband and I recently took a little trip and ended up in the teeny tiny town of Hurricane Mills where Loretta Lynn lives.  He surprised me with a stop there to take in all the sights. 
We really enjoyed our day there and, among other things, we got to tour her big plantation home.  She gave up the plantation house so it can be used daily for tourists and moved into a very nice home directly behind it ~ which is not open to the public.  We just missed her when we got to the ranch.  She had left two hours previously to attend a concert of a fellow music artist.
But one place we toured there, I knew I had to share with my stitch friends.  Loretta Lynn is a huge doll collector.  Not only were there many cabinets full of dolls in the plantation house, but the ranch property also included a doll museum.  And just as luck would have it ~~ the doll museum also contained a lot of cross stitch work!!  I took pictures to share.  :0)  I'm sorry if there is a glare on a lot of these.  I did what I could to minimize it.
First cross stitch you see when entering the doll museum:
There was more than one cross stitch of the song lyrics to, "A Coal Miner's Daughter."
Then this lovely one of Loretta herself.  These were all gifts to her from fans.
I took this picture because of all the lovely crochet work.
And so many other dolls....
Embroidery work behind this one...
And you can just see some more cross stitch behind the doll on the left...
I wish I could have gotten better pictures in there, but the florescent lights only allowed for so much.  There was another museum with a lot of Loretta's family's items.  In that museum - which did not allow you to take any pictures - was *a lot* of hand embroidery work by both Loretta and her mom.  She had written little cards next to some things to tell about them.  One was an embroidered half apron and the card said her mom had made that for her and given it to her when she got married.  She said she had worn it daily for years while cooking and tending house.  Her mom had stitched her so many things to use in her home to set up housekeeping with.  It was really sweet.
  Another place I wanted to share was the replica of the general store - owned by the coal company - that the family could shop at.  It was soooo tiny.  Their options truly were limited.
But I wanted to share this part of the store with you.  It was a little counter with sewing supplies.
And last but not least, here I am in front of her tour bus.  :0)

We had such a lovely day there and it made for a nice day.  I wouldn't mind going back.  They have a camp ground as well as some small cabins you can rent to spend the night.

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  1. I love Loretta Lynn's music! Both of my daughters are almost afraid of the kind of dolls in her home. The fact that she had a lot of cross stitching displayed says volumes to me too. Thank you for the tour!