Sunday, October 26, 2014

WIPs update and calloused fingertips...

I'm in full blown charity stitching mode right now because my charity has a deadline fast approaching.  So I had to put down Honeybee Happening for a while.  But here is where I got to before I needed to stop.
At this point it was no longer practical to keep it on my scroll rods.  So I took it off and started working with a hoop.  This also means that I could *stop* using those hateful waste knots, lol.  I hate using that method, but it's the only feasible way to use my floor stand.  I am so close to being finished with this, I can taste it.  As soon as my charity stitching is done I'm going to get back to this one full steam ahead.  I really want to have it finished by the end of November.  I have a lot of other things I'd like to work on in December.
I already showed you the small Christmas banner I did for my current charity project.  I'm now also working on a set of potholders for it as well.
I chose these because I thought they would be so quick and easy.  Not so much.  They are so *tough* that I can hardly get the needle through the fabric and that's with using a sharp needle too.
I now actually have callouses on my right thumb, index finger and middle finger. -- All thanks to these potholders!  And I still have several to go!
The satin stitching on all these dots may have just shortened my life span. 
Just a bit.
I have also signed up to do another Love Quilts USA quilt square.  It has a February 1, 2015 deadline so I'll start work on that soon.  My chosen pattern will be fairly easy I think.  It's been a while since I've done a Love Quilts square and that organization was my introduction to charity stitching, so I had a yearning to continue on with them when I feel I can fit it in.  I'm looking forward to doing another square for them.
I do have a few small Christmas ornaments to finish after the potholders are done.  But after that, it's back to my regular stitching once again.

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