Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Drowning in the stitches!!

I'm feeling a bit in over my head.  Well, perhaps that's not the right phrase because I *can* do all the things I have going on in my stitching life, I just don't know if I have enough hours in the day for all of them.  I've got my own personal stitching and SALs that I'm in.  I've got my stitching charity to run and stitch for.  I've got a few pieces that will be paid work once I'm done with them (and I'm just starting on them now.)  And I also have a museum piece hovering around in the background that I'll be helping with, once all those in charge work out all the details and funding for the project. 
Soooo.......can I have a few more hours in each of my days?  Please??
Current progress: With the Garden Party SAL everyone has the option of doing 12 smalls.  So I'm doing them for Christmas, in addition to the Garden Party pattern.  I got started on this ornament the other night.  On 28ct Irish Linen.

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