Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Week in Review - 2/8 through 2/14

Last week was all about preparing for bad weather that was predicted to come our way.  I must admit, I didn't do much, lol.  Stayed out of the stores on purpose and stitched instead!  So let's see what I got done.  :0)
I've been determined to get a more respectable amount of work done on Garden Party for the Cross Stitch Collection magazine SAL.  So I worked with serious intent on the lady I had started.  I got her finished!  She has a lot of confetti that drove me a bit mad.  But looking at the other ladies in this section of the pattern, they don't have a lot of confetti like this one.  So perhaps I can whiz through them faster.  Here are two pictures of her from the week.
I'm also doing 12 (hopefully I'll get a full 12 done) smalls for the same SAL as Garden Party.  I'm doing Christmas ornaments for them.  Christmas never truly ends for a stitcher, does it?  I got another stocking done on my first small.  This will be an entire set of ornaments that tell the Night Before Christmas story.  I know it doesn't look like much, but with the progress I've made this week, I'm certain I will have this one finished this month.
I also did some work on a birth sampler that I'll be getting a commission on.
And just a teensy bit of progress on Lady Victoria.
Other than that, our week included some hearty and warming soups with homemade rolls:
Chocolate dipped rice krispie treats:
And games of "find the poodle" when he sits on the pillows that look just like him:

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  1. Your work on the Collection SAL is beautiful! And it is fun to see all your other projects as well. Happy stitching.