Sunday, July 17, 2016

So I actually have a stitching induced injury

Leave it to me.

I've known for a long while now that I find stitching in hand painful.  I know that some people can stitch in hand just fine but others, like myself, find it very taxing and painful to the hand holding the fabric.  

My orange/black accessory set that I showed in my last post - I had been stitching that in hand because I didn't have a hoop or snap small enough to work well.  So I figured ~ what the heck, I'll just stitch in hand.  It might hurt but no big deal, right?

That was last Wednesday night.  I noticed all day long on Thursday that I was having quite a bit of pain in my left wrist.  It felt like an injury induced pain, not simply soreness.  I kept wondering what in the world caused it?  I knew I would have remembered if my wrist had taken a hit or if something heavy had been dropped on it - because truly, that is how it felt.  The outside of my wrist was even quite swollen. Then it finally dawned on me - I had spent about an hour stitching in hand.

I knew I had to allow it to rest.  That trying to forge ahead like it was nothing would make it worse.  I could barely lift anything with that hand, even opening the front door was painful.  So rest I did.  I didn't stitch at all on Thursday or Friday.  Saturday I carefully did just a tiny bit of stitching on my Christmas in the Kitchen and my plastic canvas owls.  And here I am on Sunday night, still some soreness in the wrist, but thankfully not nearly as much.  I'm still babying it though because I don't want to make it worse.  One hour of stitching in hand has equaled days of pain and needing to be careful.

All from stitching in hand!  Let me just say ~ never again.  It's not worth hurting myself and compromising my ability to stitch.  So my black/orange piece is put away until I get a tiny hoop for it.  I'm going to order one from 123 at the end of this week.  So hopefully by the end of next week, it will have arrived and I'll be able to resume work on it.  I might also think about getting one of those wrist supports to use while stitching.  It's amazing how when your wrist is out of effects almost everything you do!

So this is me ~ still healing and taking it slow until things are back to normal...

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  1. Hope you're feeling better! I can stitch in hand only on small pieces. Anything larger makes my fabric holding hand hurt