Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Miras and quidditch and finishes

I've started my first Mira.  It is Rain Queen.  I'm using fabric from Angel Wings Mermaid Tails and I won it as a door prize at the Nashville Retreat.  I chose this Mira for a couple of reasons.  One is that as far as Miras go, this is a fairly small one.  I didn't want to take on something huge.  And also ~ this Rain Queen looks like my daughter.  If someone were to make my daughter into a cross stitch, she would look like this ~ perhaps not with floating flowers all around her, although she would love that if she could manage it, lol.  So this will be a gift to her once it's completed.  

She works up quickly, but I had one major frogging session.  Actually, it was caused by what *I* (personal opinion) consider a mistake in the charting.  There is a vertical line charted for a thread color and then a horizontal line charted as a bead.  However, the horizontal lines are sometimes turned around so that they are vertical!  So of course, I thought that was a thread.  I was wrong.  The horizontal line gets turned around into different directions all over this chart.  I had another stitcher tell me they had the same issue.  Gah.  And grr.  Ok - done complaining.

So I had to frog quite a bit when I realized this issue.  You can see exactly where the problems were.

I also started a Harry Potter piece that I've had for a long while, just needed an excuse to get on to it.  The FB group Stitch Maynia hosted a Harry Potter themed SAL day, so when I found that out I lined this one up to start on that day.  I had already purchased fabric for it when I first bought the chart.  My fabric is a gray color, that's actually called Twilight Blue.  I wanted the background darker and gray because so often when quidditch is being played the weather is dank and rainy.  I didn't think a bright white or blue sky would be right.

This one is working up quickly as well, although I am missing two thread colors to finish.  My local fabric store doesn't have them, so I'll either pick some up the next time I leave town and go to Hobby Lobby or the next time I order from 123Stich - whichever comes first.  This pattern can be found here on Etsy.

I also finally got my approval to get onto the Flossible website!  I had been pretty confused because I applied very close to the beginning when beta was opened and then...nothing.  I really thought I'd be among the first ones in.  It was Tuesday of last week when I finally got the link I needed to get in properly.  The owner does have a post written on the site explaining what happened and why it took so long for so many of the beta users to be let in.  So it's ok ~ life happens.  :0)  I'm enjoying add my WIPs to it.  I decided to simply add projects to my account as I go instead of trying to load up all the finishes I already have.  That would just be too much.  So right now all I have on there is my quidditch piece and I'll add Rain Queen soon.

Oh!  I do have finishes to share!  This is one of the freebie patterns we were gifted at the retreat.  It's designed by White Willow Stitching.  I really love it and can't wait to get it framed.

This is a stitched piece I finished last year ~ originally started by a friend who then gave it over to me.  I finished it into a pillow using red checked picnic cloth.  I knew when I was stitching this one, that this was the fabric I wanted to use for making the pillow.  It turned out super cute.

So that's what I've got going on at the moment.  Happy Stitching everyone!!  :0)


  1. Everything looks great! I love the Rain Queen.

  2. Beautiful projects. The little pillow is darling, the Mira is incredible. Thank you for sharing on your blog.

  3. Awesome progress on both projects! That charting must be so frustrating is it because they want the beads going in different directions?