Saturday, September 10, 2016

We have a dragon!

After I finished my Rapunzel piece for my daughter a few months ago and then very shortly after that decided to stitch Rain Queen for her, I wondered if there could be anything my son might want.  Granted, I know mom's cross stitch isn't the coolest thing for an 18 year old boy, but still, I didn't see any harm in asking.  He browsed through my Herrschners catalog and found the Water Dragon.  It arrived yesterday and after the day's needful things were done, I set straight to it.  

I was a bit surprised at how big it is.  Here is my son holding it up over his head.


As you can see, the design is stamped on for cross stitch.  These gorgeous colors pop on this black fabric. And it's truly fabric ~ not Aida or linen or evenweave.  This is a quilting fabric.

As part of the kit, you also get this huge thread card.

Just a couple of days before this package with the dragon arrived, I had found a 17X17 qsnap at my local thrift store for $2!  (Insert Happy Dance...)  I had been needing one in preparation for the George Washington project.  (See sidebar.)  But when I saw the size of this project, I knew I could make use of that qsnap right away.  It was also a great opportunity to use my large floor stand.  


This is my progress with two days worth of work.  Water waves in the upper left corner and a start on the dragon's tail in the center.  I'll probably work on it a bit more tonight too.  I have to admit, I haven't been this excited for a project in a long time.  I'm not sure why, other than this piece is just so darn fun to work on!

Happy stitching everyone ~ I'm going to try and squeeze in some more needle and thread time before it gets too late.  ~~~


  1. The colors for this are gorgeous. I can't wait to watch your progress and I am very tempted to order this one.