Sunday, September 13, 2015

Progress, finishes, and deadlines approaching

I've made some good progress the past few days on my charity projects.  For my charity's project for Central PA Aid for Pets, I completed these two hand towels.  Both of these towels were donated by another stitcher.  Sometimes people want to help the charity out, but don't have the time to stitch for us.  So they will donate stitching items instead.  I've received towels and many bibs over the time we have been open.  They are all put to use and I also always try to inform the person who donated when their items are used and what they are used for.

For this same project, I also finished the plastic canvas wall hanging.  I'm going to go shopping this weekend and find either some black/red gingham or plain black or red ribbon to sew a loop onto the back for hanging.

And last but not least, I finished this sweet little cross stitch.  I'm going to get backing material for it this weekend and stitch it into a little pillow ornament.

The next project we are doing, I'm not as under the gun on a deadline for.  We will probably wrap this one up in January.  It is for the Sierra House in East Orange, NJ.  It's a half way house and my stitchers are working on everything from items for the house itself to baby items to be given to moms who live there who have small babies.  I designed these coasters myself.  It was simple, but fun.  I put algerian eyelet hearts in the center of each.

The next project isn't for my group, but for someone else.  It's a raffle to help a cancer patient with expenses.  I've already shared the cherry napkins and the one butterfly napkin I finished.  But now I have two of the butterflies done and I have two more to go, which will be a different pattern than the first two.  For those, I'm still very much working to get them done by the deadline which is coming up very soon.

I'm ready to get back to my own stitching.  I have projects that need my attention and also some extra little things I want to do for Fall and Christmas.  But it will be about another week to week and a half before I can do that.  I need to get these deadlines taken care of first.  :0)

Happy stitching everyone!!

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