Thursday, June 26, 2014

A new SAL, WIP & a charity update

My progress on Honey Bee Happenings has slowed down a bit because 1) I was simply exhausted over the weekend and did more resting than I did stitching and 2) I've started a SAL which is taking up some of my stitching time.  But my main goal for the time being was to get across the top and over to the upper left corner and I did do that.

The SAL is for the Cherry Wood Design Studios pattern - I Am A Stitcher.  This is a discontinued pattern but luckily there were still a few vendors that had some in stock.  I had a bit of a disaster when I first started it.  I chose my colors from Gentle Art and 30 ct fabric from my stash. 
But I'm used to stitching on Aida and this isn't Aida. I'm not sure what is it really.  Last year a friend and I bought out the inventory of a small needlework shop that had closed and I have a lot of fabric from that purchase that isn't labeled.  So this was my first non-Aida endeavor and wonderful me thought I was going to do it 2 over 1. 
Yeah.  Not so much. 
I got a start and it just looked awful.  The more I stitched, the more I hated it.  Also, my pale pink for the background flowers was just fading right into the oatmeal colored fabric.  You almost couldn't see it at all.  So I decided to cut my losses and start over.  This time I grabbed another mystery fabric - also 30 count - out of my stash and instead of doing over 1 I did over 2.  I also changed the color to black.  These two changes have made all the difference.
I think my brightly colored threads are going to "pop" quite nicely on this black.  I am very pleased.  :0)
In other news, I am gearing up for a finish on my charity's current project.  Most of my stitchers are mailing their items to me this week.  Our project is a disabled vet and his family and they are getting a Habitat for Humanity house.  I've already received one item from one of my stitchers.  She made this really cute patriotic hand towel.
And I got the item I made for them back from the framers.
One of my group members owns a business that mails out a lot of computer parts and she donated a lot of bubble wrap and packing materials to me so I can wrap the framed picture very securely so it won't get broken.  :0)
It is evening now and I've had a long day.  Time to put my feet up and stitch.  Keep those needles flying everyone!

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