Sunday, June 15, 2014

I've found a KnitCrate alternative for cross stitchers....sort of....

I've been a long time fan of Jennifer Ross's Youtube channels.  (All her info can be found here.)  One video that she makes every month is about her monthly KnitCrate subscriptionKnitCrate is a monthly subscription service for knitters.  Every month in their boxes a subscriber gets fantastical yarns, an exclusive pattern, and extra goodies like a treat type of food or something else fun like a lip balm, etc.  They also have options of purchasing "add ons," which are extra skeins of specialty yarns.  Overall, it's just a big box of fun each month for knitters.
I have often watched Jen's KnitCrate videos with envy, lol.  I would *love* for there to be something like this for cross stitchers.  I would jump on that band wagon and fast!  But alas, it just seemed it was not to be.  Sort of....
I say sort of because I recently found out that Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie has a Fabric of the Month option.  I am very excited about this and I signed up.  She sends out an invoice at the beginning of the month and sends out fabrics around the 20th.  So it will be July before I am able to receive my first FOTM, but I'm excited.  It may not be exactly the same as KnitCrate, but considering it's sometimes difficult for cross stitchers to keep their heads above water between all the products out there for knitters and scrap booking, I'll definitely take it!

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