Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Cross Stitch Tag and my newest WIP

I discovered the cross stitch tag on Youtube.  Lots of the stitchers there have done it and I thought it would be fun for me to do it on my blog.
So let's go ~~
1. How did you start or who introduced you to cross stitch?
No one.  I found this on my own at a very young age.  I was only 9 years old (and I'll be 39 in July) and I remember seeing cross stitch kits in the store and just knowing that I wanted to do that.  Then I remember we went to dinner at someone's house.  The wife/mother was apparently a cross stitcher because on an end table she had her current WIP in a hoop with bobbins of threads in a ring fanned out on top of it.  Just seeing that ~ I knew this was something for me.  So I got my first kit shortly thereafter and the rest is history!
2. Do you have a favorite theme of designer?
I tend to go more for the theme or look of a piece than follow designers.  But, there are some designers I do like ~ Paula Vaughn, Bothy Threads, Mirabilia, Lavender & Lace ~ there are more, but I do like those.  What really grabs me though is the scene.  I love homes, especially Victorian ones.  Or really, any Victorian scene ~ carriages, gardens, etc.  I'm a total sucker for ladies in pretty dresses and I also love anything bee or beehive related.
3. What floss brand do you use? 
Ok, for many years I have been and am a die hard DMC girl.  DMC is really where it has started and stopped for me.  But recently, I wanted to branch out a bit.  So I got my Gentle Art threads for my upcoming SAL and the threads that came with my Rosewood Manor Summer Quakers that I shared in my previous post.  I'm really looking forward to using them.
4. What is your fabric of choice?
.All of it.  Everything from a 14 count Aida to a delicate linen and everything in between.  It all has it's time and place
5. Do you use a needle threader or are you a floss licker?
I sometimes lick my floss and sometimes just use Thread Heaven on it.  Other times I want to use my needle threader.    It's pretty much split between each method.
6. What kind of stitching frame do you use?
In general, I prefer to use Qsnaps.  I will still use hoops if a particular project needs that, but I don't like hoops too much.  I prefer to work large projects on a floor stand with a large set of Qsnaps or stretcher bars.
7. How many projects have you finished?
Hmm....several.  Not as many as I'd like, but still...several.  Off the top of my head I can think of 21, but I'm sure I'm missing a few in there somewhere.
8. How many completed works do you currently have displayed in your home? 
Not many because most have been given away.  Only three currently on display here, but I am hoping to change that very soon.  But I do have several smaller items like hand towels and pillowcases that are stitched and used.
9. Do you do more stitching for gifts or for yourself?
Gifts, swaps and charity projects have gotten most of my stitching.  But I really want more in my own home so I'm going to start doing more for me to keep.
10. What is your favorite project you are most proud of? 
I talked about this in my last post too.  It's the Winnie the Pooh square that went into one of the Sandy Hook quilts for the little girl who was the only survivor in her class.  I'm so very proud of what that one means.
11. What has been your least favorite or worst experience stitching?
It was about 18 years ago.  I was in my early 20s and decided to do my first large project. It was this kit:
  It was my only WIP because back then I only had one going at a time.  It took me two solid years, working consistently because I was a *painfully* slow stitcher back then.  But, I finished it and it was gorgeous.  I wanted to get it framed but we were newly married and every penny was needed for other things.  I just couldn't afford to get it framed.  So I rolled it up and put it in a safe place.  18 years and 5 homes later ~ it's never been seen since.  I think what happened was when we moved from that apartment into our house, it accidentally got thrown away.  I really don't know.  I just know that it's gone and I don't have it. 
So, imagine my surprise when a couple of years ago I found the kit again!  On sale at Austintatious Offerings.  (Whom I heartily recommend by the way.  I love shopping with them.) You better believe I snapped it up quick!  So it's now in my stash to perhaps be stitched again someday.
12. What do you love and what do you hate about cross stitch?
I love the feeling of taking a blank canvas ~ my material ~ and taking it from being empty to being filled with something beautiful.  I even love the way the feel of the fabric changes as the design gets larger.  A bit heavier, a bit more substantial, a bit less flexible.  I love the search and hunt for something for my stash that I want to find.  I love cute notions.  I love the never ending supply of gorgeous patterns.  Love, love, love it all.
What do I hate?  Well, the Frog of course!!  I could totally do without him.
13. Have you introduced anyone else to cross stitch?
I've tried valiantly with my daughter to no avail.  I have several friends who admire my stitching but claim they don't have the patience for it.  So no, I've not really converting anyone to cross stitch unfortunately.  But luckily I have lots of online friends who stitch, so it doesn't feel like I'm the only one doing it.
14. What was your first project and did you finish it?  If not, what was your first finish?
My very first project was an apple, lol.  Maybe about 4 inches across by 4 inches high.  And no, I did not finish it.  I was only 9 and I remember I got discouraged that my apple looked like a rectangle instead of round.  But that was only for the first stitches so I didn't realize that I needed to keep going.  I remember laying in my bed and crying that night over that apple, lol.
My first finish that I remember was a marriage sampler I did for me and my husband.  It wasn't too big, but it was cute.  It's hanging in my bedroom now.  I think I did finish some small things when I was a teenager.  But I don't really remember what they were.  I remember doing some small florals, but the memory is a bit fuzzy.
15. How do you store your floss?
Right now my storage is in flux.  I have one DMC box and one thread cabinet from Herrschners.  The rest are on bobbins in the regular compartment boxes you can get from any hobby store.  I want to find more DMC boxes and eventually convert all my storage over to them.
So that's the cross stitch tag.  :0)
As for my current WIP ~ Honeybee Happenings ~ I've had a two day start so far.  This is what I've gotten done:
I'm going to backstich this section before moving on.  I always backstitch as I go.
Well, that's all for today.  Happy stitching and keep those needles flying!

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