Monday, June 16, 2014

Honey Bee Happenings ~ WIP update

While I do think I'm making fairly good progress on this one, I wanted to make more than I have.  I have a SAL starting on Friday and I'll then have to split my time between them.  So I wanted to really get a lot of this one done before the SAL starts.  But, I got hit a few days ago with some serious fatigue and I've just been having to give into it a bit.  Nonetheless, I took part in a weekend challenge with one of the stitching groups on FB to see how much you could get done from 7pm Friday until 7pm Sunday and here's what I did.
At 7:00 Friday night, here is where I was at:
Then by 7:00 Sunday night, this is how far I had gotten:
Not as much as I wanted.  I wanted to make it all the across the top, but I was just too tired.  But any progress is a good thing.  :0)
Happy stitching and keep those needles flying!


  1. Wow looks beautiful. You made great progress especially when you weren't feeling the best. Hope you feel better soon :)

  2. Gorgeous stitching, I love the bees (: